Chinese Homecoming Gathering Report

July 12, 2016: Leadership Pre-Gathering

Families from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and overseas got to know each other in the morning and afternoon sessions of the leadership meeting. We shared hearts and realized that throughout this 10-year-journey, we have been broken by the Lord and grown in freedom. It’s the best decision we have ever made and it’s all worth it. There is no more barriers between us, we align ourselves with Father God and become one true family.

Then David shared. He began walking with the Chinese since 2006 and it’s the 10th year now. 10 is a number of trial, it is also the 10th day in the upper room. He said, “I haven’t been back to Egypt for over 20 years. Recently as I returned to Egypt, the Lord asked me, ‘It’s now the time of fulfillment. Are you willing to be crazy again for me? Are you willing to give up playing safe and live only according to my will, even to the point of death?'”

At the pre-gathering in the evening, we went through the process of weeping, crying out and giving birth. It’s a groaning in the spirit that is beyond our words and understanding. We sensed that it’s not just another homecoming gathering. It’s the time of fulfillment. His promises shall come to pass. May our spiritual eyes be open to see the unseen, so we may be led entirely by the Holy Spirit and be crazy for Him again!

July 13, 2016: Gathering Day 1

We continued the momentum from last night and danced together at the morning pre-gathering. Towards the end of the worship, we stood in circle join our hands together in the middle. We declared that the unity among Chinese shall bring forth the unity in the nations. This shall satisfy the heart of Father God. Families from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China then came onto the stage to share their journey since 2001.

The main session began at night. About 10,000 people from 26 regions came together to worship the Lord. The spirit of freedom reigns. Pastor Eddie Ma said it’s the wildest worship he had ever seen. Pastor Nathaniel Chow shared how he found the path to return home, how he learned to become a son and a father as he walked along with the family. He is transformed throughout the journey and sees people differently.

His son Pastor Jonathan Chow also shared his heart. He used to think that his dad could have been a better father. He stopped being a son because of the criticisms inside, his heart is closed. It’s not a problem of the father, but the son. It’s until the recent years, when he is touched by the love of Father God, that he no longer expects perfection from his dad. What has been promised in Malachi 4:5-6 can’t be fulfilled until the hearts of fathers and sons turned to each other.

July 14, 2016: Gathering Day 2

Chinese Homecoming isn’t just about the Chinese. At this very hour, the Lord is using Chinese to bring about a domino effect that will impact the nations. However, we shall first join in unity among our tribes, including the Han Chinese and the aboriginals in Taiwan, and the Han Chinese and the minority tribes in China. Thus we have spent one whole day sharing the wounds deep rooted in our thousands years of history, as well as the pain that was rarely spoke of. We all have hurt and been hurt. However, in the safe place of the gathering, we are able to express and forgive, and in His love we are healed.

The aboriginals led us into worship singing, “There is One Body among Chinese tribes, we united to become one family. We align with God in the new era and worship God before His Throne.

We are home! Father God is healing us and He said, I have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time.

July 15, 2016: Gathering Day 3

This morning we heard from the overseas Chinese family. Because of the differences in appearance and language, they sojourned in foreign lands for generations. Who indeed are the minority tribes? It’s actually the common pain of all humankind since we separated from God. No wonder we all have to cross the Jordan River and enter into His Promise Land. The river shall stop flowing at Adam!

On the stage, our Host Papa Eddie embraced Daniel, the last who shared, and wept. The sound of urheen blended in and we sang in unison, “One world, one sky; we’re all under the same sun, moon and stars. In this space we shared, we sang in one accord: “God’s love is with His people. Grace of God has filled this world and the flame of love transcends our differences in colours and languages. Lord for You are God and Your love is perfect…” Anyone who is not filled by God’s love is still an orphan. But now their hearts are comforted.

In the afternoon, 20 representatives from China, Taiwan, aboriginals, minority tribes and overseas Chinese washed one another’s feet, declared in unity and lit the unity candle. We then joined together in worship and declaration. There was fire all over the place!

The evening session is a time for the youth. In the safety of a family they shared their struggles over identity, relationship with parents, self-pithiness despite their strive…but one word of wisdom released us all: They tried to bury us, but they did not know we are seeds!

July 16, 2016: Gathering Day 4

We had great sharing yesterday, but none of them remembered what they had shared. The whole gathering was indeed led by the Holy Spirit.

This is another significant breakthrough in the Homecoming journey, an accumulation of our walking together, and the hour of God has come. Dancers danced with all their strength on the stage. There were three of them holding a globe, which signifies the people of God all over the world. Brothers and sisters on the floor lifted up their hands and we poured out our hearts to declare, “You will have Your inheritance; starting with my heart.”

The Lion of Judah was projected on the backdrop and our hearts were melted in the music, dedicating ourselves to God in unity. We worshipped from 0930 till 1130, but God deserves it all. Incense arises and we feel as if we are before His heavenly throne.

There were about 10,000 in the arena and 35,000 watching on Livestream. In the final session, David Demian summarized and shared about the whole family journey, from Taiwan to Hong Kong, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Israel…there are endless stories to tell. The flame will continue to go on until the day our bridegroom returns.

— by Fred Hsu

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