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Remembering God's faithfulness


We remember the covenant that was made many years ago in our nation between the French, the English and the First Peoples. This seed of unity, birthed here in Canada, was not only released, but multiplied into many nations and people groups. It brought transformation, healing and restoration and we witnessed increasing measures of the fulfilment of Jesus’ prayer for unity amongst the families of the nations.

We responded to the Father calling Canada to come together as one heart, to enter His presence, and to renew our covenant of unity. Together, we prophetically declared: “Canada, it is time to conceive again, birth another measure of unity and to be released into the fullness of who you are. Canada, you are a picture of the oneness of the global body, because all the nations of the world have come to find a home in your land. As you gather under The One King, your unity will be a foretaste of the alignment that will release kingdom authority amongst the nations.”


Dear family,

From June 29th to July 1st, the Canadian family gathered for the ONE/UN Gathering in Montreal, to celebrate the Lord’s goodness and thank Him for His faithfulness over 150 years of Canadian confederation. We joined to seek the Lord’s face, and continued on the journey of establishing a resting place for His presence. We were joined by representatives from around the world, who stood alongside the Canadian family.

Being together, in the same place, we experienced a level of oneness unlike anything in the past. In coming together, we felt as though we had returned home and were being embraced in the Father’s arms. The entire Gathering had a sense of family and warmth. From the beauty of prophetic decor, to the warmth of hugs and love from those gathered from across our nation and around the world. It didn’t matter if we were catching up with old friends, or meeting for the first time, we felt we had known each other forever, and knew we belonged.

Over the course of three days, the Lord knit the family more tightly together. Generations walked closer, and those of younger age rose up and took their place in the family. Through a release of artistic expression in the younger generation, a freedom was birthed in the entire family. As the younger ones took their place, the family experienced a truer expression of a real generation – one made up of all ages walking on earth, together living out their identity and destiny.

This Gathering marked a greater measure of unity in the Church. We were joined by dear friends whom we journeyed closely with in previous years. As we celebrated the third jubilee since confederation, we declared our unity as ONE Church in Canada. A unity that establishes a greater measure of authority in this day. Our expression of unity reached its pinnacle as we shared in communion with others gathered around the country. Linked via video conference, we shared in the Lord’s Table, and made a covenant to walk together and seek the Lord’s face to establish His Kingdom and will in Canada.

As July 1st marked 150 years since the confederation of Canada, the Lord spoke that we are stepping into a new season as a blank page – a page upon which He will write the future of Canada. A future that will see Canada as a healthy womb, ready to birth the Lord’s destiny, not only for herself, but also for the nations of the world. We committed, as one body in Canada, to open our hearts and allow the Lord to use us to write His history on the blank pages of our nation. We consecrated ourselves, and said “YES” to allowing the Lord to imprint on our hearts with His desires and destinies for the nations.

While we have returned to our homes around the country and around the world, we look forward to soon being together in the same place. Despite physical distance, we know that the Spirit that binds us together continues to deepen our unity and advance His Kingdom as we seek His face.

Thank you for all you have given and sacrificed to walk as family – for the glory of His name and for His resting place!



“Lorrie and I have walked with Watchmen since the first gathering at Whistler 22 years ago. It has been a joy and privilege to walk as a family with David and Ruth, Gideon and May and others. Now we are walking with the nations as we become one family with one heart to please our Heavenly Father. It is such an honour.”

— Donna Jordan, Canada

“The Lord is faithful! It was incredible for me to experience family! A significant moment for me personally was when three of the mums really took time and prayed for me – God encountered me deeply! It was also powerful for me to experience the reality of covenantal declaration in the spirit realm: as I came home I could really see the shifts that had happened in my own heart and how it affected the way I feel towards nations and cultures now; a new sense of Oneness!”

— Jarryd Pearson, South Africa

“I was able to dance alongside my parents and grandparents at the gathering in Montreal because of the sacrifices they have made in their lives to bring the body of Christ to where it is today. I so look forward to venturing further into all that God has in store for His body TOGETHER with our family!”

— Jesse Ongkili, Canada/Malaysia

“When I carry the family in my heart and step into Kingdom identity, whether or not it is my nation taking ‘centre stage’ is irrelevant. What matters most is how I align my heart with the Father’s to see EVERY nation step into their destiny. And that we truly mean it when we say: your victory is my victory, your breakthrough is my breakthrough.”

— Rob Jones, England


  • Wanda Fost, Canada

    “When I arrived home I became very sick and found it hard to breathe. God has been teaching me big lessons through this time of learning to breathe in a new way. During the Gathering, there was a time where we followed a Samoan protocol in which we slapped our thighs to indicate we heard the King of kings. Then we raised a cup to him containing our breath. Sika said after this, “Even if I die, you will have my breath.” One of the Intercessors on the Unity team wrote regarding this, “The anointings of ancestors are finding a place to land in us.” Also, in one of our worship sessions Tabitha was just breathing into the mike, breath upon breath, as we gave ourselves over completely to the Ancient of Days, Jesus.

    This attack on my breathing has actually become life giving. Each breath I take is alive ‘Even if I die, you will have my breath’. Very powerful words that speak of who we are. God’s army walking fearlessly before men under His banner of love. He is preparing us to listen and see with our spiritual eyes and ears. Something very deep is happening inside me. As my lungs rumble with each breath I have a feeling of a lion purring inside me. Like a lion resting in his den, gaining strength for what lies ahead. Soon about to roar. To live is Christ, to die is gain!”

  • Anni Joy Shanks, Germany

    “The Lord said to me, ‘I am removing the grace to walk alone. So don’t be surprised when I talk to you in different ways’ – I can feel His longing for us to truly walk as family!”

  • Rob Jones, England

    “During the gathering my heart was touched so deeply by the oneness of the family and the deep, inexplicable love of the father. I felt God speak to me deeply about the laying down of my national identity as English, not so that I dismiss it, but so that I am completely caught up in how the Father is releasing the Kingdom family. When I carry the family in my heart and step into Kingdom identity, whether or not it is my nation taking ‘centre stage’ is irrelevant. What matters most is how I align my heart with the Father’s to see EVERY nation step into their destiny. And that we truly mean it when we say: your victory is my victory, your breakthrough is my breakthrough.”

    “The ONE young people and family gathering in Montreal 2017 was my first gathering. In fact I knew absolutely nothing about Watchmen for the Nations until close to the end of the gathering! I had no idea what to expect, but was excited and open to see what God had planned. My time was very eye opening in every sense of the word, in a good way! My heart was broadened and broken to make room for so much love for so many people. I’ve always loved cultures, languages, traveling and missions but my heart was expanded during this time and my love grew deeper for everyone in every nation. I also had a deep and profound revelation of our family and that enabled my love to grow even deeper.

    At first I didn’t know how to act around everyone because they were all so happy and welcoming and kind to me, which I wasn’t expecting because nobody knew me. Yet they welcomed me with open loving arms! And when I let myself accept their love, I instantaneously became part of the family and felt like I belonged. So essentially I really did connect with everyone on a family level, which was a little surprising to me. I value greatly and am close with my family but I’m not the kind of person who shows their feelings and emotions to anyone and I never cry in front of people. But within a day of being around the young people at the gathering I was being vulnerable, sharing my heart and crying all at once! And I couldn’t be happier that I did that, it truly broke down so many walls I had spent a lifetime building up. God changed my heart in that moment and it allowed my heart to expand and for that love of the Nations to take its place in my heart and grow. Overall the experience was unforgettable and life changing in every way and I’m so thankful and blessed to have met everyone I did.”

  • Andrew Letchworth, USA

    “The greatest impact on me was connection. I found myself connecting at a deep level with many of the younger generation, and particularly the fathers. Gatherings in the past have been very hard for me in terms of feeling a deep heart connection with others. I felt called to the Gatherings, and I had a great love for the people involved, but to feel safe enough to be myself, relax, and lay down my walls, that was a different story. I often would leave feeling so tired after three days of being guarded and controlled. The fear of, “if they see me, I will be excluded” was always in the background. Something changed at the One Gathering. I felt safe. I felt a space. I felt that the Body needed me, and what the Lord has given me to carry was welcomed. It was not perfect, and I made many mistakes, but in hindsight something changed in me. That change even carried over into my family and local church. At one point in the Gathering I was talking to the Lord saying, “God, I can’t put myself back into a situation were I will be criticising, mocked and rejected. I can’t handle the pain of betrayal of trust again. I can’t go there again!” His answer to me that brought so much breakthrough was “don’t be afraid of pain.” It hurts when both parties make mistakes. Fear of that pain was crippling my connections, keeping always at a safe, but insecure distance. With that experience I gained a bravery to begin to embrace connection, ready to swallow whatever pain might come up. Still growing, I have seen it touch my relationship with my parents, my local church and leadership. I am not hiding as much any more. I have courage to seek real connection. And I have hope for the first time in a long time that I have a place in the Body, and who I am and what I carry is welcomed.

    The last impact, while more subtle, came during the One Accord Gathering. Through the young people’s pre-gathering and the One Gathering I was working hard to love others, and to care for the lonely and hurting. Coming into One Accord I was completely spent. As we sat in silence, waiting on the Lord, I felt a deep conviction of heart that I had served everyone except Him. Even in my serving others it was only at “face value,” I was not serving Him behind my serving them. I cried as I realised this track record of serving others at His expense. I could see such a contrast too, that ministering to Him leaves me refreshed and inspired, while only serving others leave me drained and consumed. It is a strange thing to explain, and it could be mistaken, but my heart’s cry was, “God, make me one who ministers to your heart exclusively. Even in my serving others, may I be doing it for you behind them.”

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Before the gathering, the Lord led us to develop some of these videos below. It is amazing to see how what the Lord was highlighting then become some of the main themes He opened up during the gathering.